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Two scientists, Olek Smev and Rurik Tamm shacked up together for fifteen years observing the planet Saturn. They sent out audio static radiations to find out if there's any possibility of a reply. 14 years later, an answer came. The data received was coded into music.


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17th of August 2017 01:29 AM Link
Our friend @colinbenders was so kind to do this amazing rework of our track "another" See a bit of eurocrack mayhem here #crack #another #rework #sorryforthefrequenceknob #thanks! <3
16th of August 2017 07:54 PM Link
#dateswith #tascam #dat
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16th of August 2017 07:43 PM Link
Hello Guys 'n Galls!
We found some pictures from our preparation before show and showtime..
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20th of March 2017 09:16 PM Link
Late night jam in the studio. Tune in! If you care? Share;: )
28th of February 2017 09:18 PM Link
28th of February 2017 09:15 PM Link
28th of February 2017 06:35 PM Link
preparing a jam.. for tonight
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13th of February 2017 12:34 AM Link
Sunday Vibes with Sirens Of Saturn!!
So Jamsession, Very Wow, much Nice.
Thank you.
24th of January 2017 03:07 AM Link
Hello friends,

Soon we will have our first material available in stores! 🙂 Here you can hear a small preview of the track "Another" via a small audio fragment recorded from the premiere on BBC Radio 1's Residency, Kolsch
27th of December 2016 02:21 PM Link
Recording time #moog #korg #ableton #roland #eventide #soundcraft